My name is T. MAX BULGER and this is a website.

I build software products and companies. But right now I'm advising software companies and investors on M&A, growth and product strategy at EY-Parthenon.

💻📲 Before, I was developing products, early customers and general company building at CiBO. Before that, I was the first product manager at two mobile and developed focused enterprise software companies in New York: Button and Wildcard (RIP). Before that, I was a PM at eBay/PayPal making personalization, identity and geolocation services for developers. From 2009 to 2013, I studied cognitive science and computer science at Tufts, while working for a handful of startups.

🍍🌊 I also sailed competitively, helped launch a distillery, and worked in kitchens and cellars.

🛠🌎 I'm interested in how we can use technology to build tools that better equip us to face global issues of health and climate change. Specifically, how we can make better software tools for making software, and how computational software tools can help revolutionize life sciences. 

🙏👋 Let's break bread.